C.A.R.E Program Point System

Point breakdown for the C.A.R.E program (Success System)

Activity Point Worth Meeting Time Maximum Total
Meeting wtih Mentor  10 Points 1x a Month 40 Points
Attending Academic Coaching / The Writing Center 5 Points 1x a Month 20 Points
Studying in the SMART Space
1 Point for each Study Hour Completed 10 Hours x a Month 40 Points
CARE Academic Monthly Meetings 10 Points 1x a Month 40 Points
TRIBE Time 5 Points 1x a Month 20 Points
Extracurricular and Wellness Opportunities: Extra Events and Activities approved by the ODI. 5 Points Will be announced throughout the Semester --
Total Points for the Semester 200 points

Mandatory Activities breakdown (per semester)

  • 4 Meetings with Mentors = 40 Points
  • 4 Sessions with Academic Coaching and/or the Writing Center = 20 Points
  • 40 Study Hours in the SMART Space = 40 Points
  • 4 Monthly Academic Meetings = 40 points
  • 4 TRIBE Time Meetings = 20 points
  • Extracurricular and Wellness Opportunities: Choose a combination of ODI Approved activities (study hours, meetings with mentors, monthly meetings, academic coaching sessions, extra credit) = 5 Points per Activity

Initial Mandatory Points Required per semester = 160 Points

Extracuirricular, Wellness, and Elective Points required per Semester = 40 Points