CCM Division Awards

CCM Professional Writing students receive recognition by professor Jim EllefsonHonors were given at the Annual Champlain College Awards Dinner for the Division of Communication & Creative Media. The annual dinner, which took place at the Champlain College Argosy Gymnasium, recognized outstanding students and their achievements throughout the CCM Division.

The recipients are:

William Saxe '15 - Outstanding Broadcast Undergrad

Kane O'Neill '13 - Outstanding Broadcast Senior

Olivia Perek '14 - Outstanding Communication Undergrad

Andrew Ascone '13 - Outstanding Communication Senior

Laurence Couture '15 - Outstanding Public Relations Undergrad

Anya Frans '13 - Outstanding Public Relations Senior

William Saxe '15 - Vermont Association of Broadcasters Scholarship

Jesse Phelps '14 - Vermont Association of Broadcasters Scholarship

Katherine Vander Kraats '14 - Hall Communications Radio Merit Award

Margaret Van Dyke '13 - Excellence in Traditional Arts

Caitlyn Stewart '13 - Outstanding Language Learner-Spanish

Taylor Downs '14 - Outstanding Language Learner-French

Amber Couture '15 - Champlain Theatre MVP

William Saxe '15 - Best Actor in a Champlain Theatre Production

Taylor Silvestri '14 - Essence of CREM Award

Justine Gerns '14 - Essence of CREM Award

Emily Murnane '13 - Writing Program Poetry Award

Ashley Shin '15 - Willard & Maple Design Award

Kristen Orlando '14 - Willard & Maple Prose Award

Lauren Weiler '14 - Willard & Maple Poetry Award

Evan Litsios '13 - Willard & Maple Editorial Excellence

Eric Bieber '13 - Willard & Maple Editorial Excellence

Anthony Siciliano '14 - Sonic Arts Achievement Award

Brandon Jones '14 - Sonic Arts Composition Award

Emily Murnane '13 - Sonic Arts Excellence Award

Abigail Messick '13 - Creative Non-Fiction Award

Matthew Forrest '13 - Heminge & Condell Publishing Award

Benjamin Kalbfeld '15- DFM Most Excellent Film Editor

Andrew LeBel '13- DFM Most Excellent Graduating Senior

Brian Petillo '13 - DFM Most Excellent Filmmaker

Michael Curry '15 - DFM Most Excellent Filmmaker

Hannah Rucker '14- DFM Most Excellent Screenwriter

Cara Cattoggio '13 - DFM Most Excellent Producer

Ryan Sheetz '13 - DFM Most Excellent Cinematographer

Abigail Clark '13 - Erik Esckilsen Champlain Current Awards

Courtney Triola '13 - Erik Esckilsen Champlain Current Awards

Mark Landauer '13 - Visual Arts Award

Christopher Erickson '13 - Design Achievement Award

Rosemary Strom '13 - Design Achievement Award

Christopher Norris '13 - Design Achievement Award

Skylar Ridabock '13 - Design Achievement Award

Kevin Potter '13 - Design Achievement Award

Sibyl Cunningham '13 - Highest Academic Performance GART Senior

Mary Burbridge '16 - Highest Academic Performance GART undergrad

Harry Boltz '13 - Distinguished Community member GART

Jason Rauck '13 - Highest Academic Performance GDES Senior

Christina Aceves '13 - Distinguished Community Member GDES

Alex Tardiff '13 - EMC Game Programming Award

Kyle Marchev '13 - EMC Game Programming Award

Erin Trzcinski '13 - EMC Game Programming Award

Jovan Ellis '13 - EMC Game Design Award

Jason Rauck '13 - EMC Game Design Award

Philip Holland '13 - EMC Game Design Award

AJ Twombly '13- EMC Game Design Award

Deanna Vaida '13 - EMC GART Award

Wei-Hung Cheng - Highest Academic Performance GDES undergrad

Jaime Berry - Brendan Mess & Francis Mitchell Memorial Manuscript Award

Robin Perlah - MFA Ambassador Award

Jessica Lynch - MFA Exemplar

Cora Lozinschi - MFA Mentor

Patrick Collins - MFA Fellow

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