Institute for Global Engagement

"Conversations across boundaries of identity-whether national, religious, or something else-begin with the sort of imaginative engagement you get when you read a novel or watch a movie or attend to a work of art that speaks from some place other than your own... Conversation doesn't have to lead to consensus about anything, especially not values; it's enough that it helps people get used to one another."

-Kwame Anthony Appiah, Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers

The Institute of Global Engagement's mission is to engage Champlain College students with a world of interconnected systems, cultures and fates through interdisciplinary inquiry. By introducing global elements into all classrooms, the IGE has made global learning a core element of Champlain's interdisciplinary curriculum and education.

Our students are exposed to the tools they need to be globally-engaged citizens in today's society. Specifically, the IGE seeks to foster a sense of curiosity about other cultures, geographies and histories, and an awareness of how these distant places and viewpoints are often, in fact, already in relationships of contact and influence with students' own homes and lives.

Through an understanding of the systems and ideas that fuel relationships, innovation and inequalities in an increasingly networked world, the IGE enhances communication skills, confidence and humility in students to help them navigate conversations across boundaries of difference in ways that have the power to inform and inspire. Whether through travel or involvement in local communities, the IGE also encourages active engagement, professionally and personally, with issues of global importance. 

The IGE also is home to the College's Global Studies Minor, which can be pursued by students in any major.

Outside the classroom environment, the IGE sponsors speakers, workshops, conversations and events on campus with global themes, in addition to efforts to host international visitors and provide globally-themed professional development for faculty.

About the Director

Adam Rosenblatt is Assistant Dean for Global Engagement and an Assistant Professor in Champlain College's Core Division, where he teaches interdisciplinary classes on human rights, global studies, and other topics. He holds a PhD from Stanford in Modern Thought and Literature, and has worked at human rights organizations in both the U.S. and Chile. Dr. Rosenblatt's research focuses on the philosophy and politics of human rights, and the use of forensic science in the investigation of atrocities.

More Information 

Study Abroad

For any questions regarding enriching your student experience through study abroad and international exchanges, contact the Office of International Education.

Diversity & Inclusion

The IGE often collaborates with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and other diversity-related work on campus.  For questions regarding specialized support services for underrepresented populations and diversity resources, contact the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.