Center for Communication & Creative Media


The Center for Communication & Creative Media is underway!

Champlain broke ground on March 25, 2014 on the $24.5 million Center for Communication & Creative Media (CCM) project, which will provide students and faculty state-of-the-art facilities for current and emerging fields of study and serve as a campus center for student services.

The 42,000 square foot addition and alterations to the existing Hauke Center and Alumni Auditorium is part of the College's master plan to provide each of the divisions with its own home building. When completed in August, 2015, the expanded and renovated structures will have a combined gross floor area of approximately 75,000 square feet.

As the new home for the Division of CCM, the CCM center will not only have classrooms and faculty offices, but also new game and audio labs, studio spaces, gallery and exhibit areas, a traditional and digital photo lab and a film soundstage. In addition to becoming the home for the largest academic division at Champlain, the building will also contain several other strategic initiatives that will benefit the campus at large, including:

  • Transit Center. The project site will serve as the primary transit portal for the campus, providing the College shuttle bus access between the main campus and its remote parking facility located along Lakeside Avenue. The main level of the building will contain a lounge area with seating, and food and beverage services.
  • Retail Store/Mail Service. The main level will also contain floor area for campus mail and a retail store for sundries and College-branded merchandise.
  • Dining and Events Center. The College will be creating a second dining facility within the CCM building in order to accommodate additional demand generated by the increased undergraduate residential population (275 new on-campus dormitory beds). In addition, the facility will contain a large conference room space (capacity: 300 persons +/-) able to accommodate a variety of academic and social functions.
  • Alumni Auditorium Upgrades. The project includes improvements to Alumni Auditorium, a 200-seat theater/lecture hall, including new seating, lighting, HVAC, and audio-visual systems.
  • Hauke Center Upgrades. As part of the CCM Project, the Hauke Center will receive upgrades to its HVAC system, thermal envelope and finishes.
  • Energy Efficiency. Consistent with its mission to embrace sustainable technologies in the design, construction and operation of its campus facilities, the College will be expanding its use of geothermal energy to heat and cool the new CCM Center. The project includes an extension of its geothermal infrastructure (well-head production and piping to accomplish this goal). Champlain College has set a 'green' design goal for this project of achieving Three Globes under the Green Globes rating system. This third-party certification program is run by The Green Building Initiative. Positioned as an alternative to USGBC's LEED program, it uses a checklist approach, granting projects points for areas in which they exceed standard industry practice. The system is more broadly adopted within Canada where it originated, but is building a market presence in the United States. To our knowledge, this will be the first Green Globes project within Vermont. A rating of Three Globes is viewed as equivalent to a Gold target under the LEED system.

A recent gift from Robert and Christine Stiller through the Stiller Family Foundation will help fund capital investments in the new Center for Communications & Creative Media. The new facility will free up space in the S.D. Ireland Family Center for Global Business & Technology enabling all business faculty and programs to be housed in one building.

The College also received a $2 million gift from Sodexo to support the new CCM project. Sodexo is the contracted supplier of food for the campus cafeteria and catering on campus.

To retain consistency, Champlain asked architect,Colin Lindberg, who designed the Hauke Family Center and Alumni Auditorium in 1989, to design the CCM Center. The Construction Manager of the project is H.P. Cummings.

A few conceptual drawings are below:

Conceptual Drawings Dining

For updated CCM Center building schedule highlights, view Champlain College Campus Planning's schedule  or take a look at Champlain's Campus Planning Facebook page

 If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Karen Dusini, Senior Project Manager for Campus Planning at (802) 865-6451 or