Shanghai: MS in Emergent Media

(Now recruiting for Fall 2016)

The Master of Science in Emergent Media is a 30 credit one-year program offered in Shanghai, China culminating in a one or two semester residency in the United States, at Champlain College's Burlington, Vermont campus. This program is designed to appeal to graduate students who wish to have careers producing and managing the collaborative process of the next generation of media content such as mobile apps, e-books and magazines, augmented reality, and games.

MS in Emergent Media Hooding Ceremony 2014 from Champlain College Emergent Media on Vimeo.

A Collaborative Learning Environment

The program takes place in multiple studio environments, a pre-requisite for learning to produce electronic media. The Shanghai-based studio is linked with the Emergent Media Center on Champlain College's Burlington, Vermont campus, where you will be provided an opportunity for international collaboration and project development.

The curriculum links technical skills with critical thinking and the creative process. As a Master of Science student in Shanghai, you will employ state-of-the-art online collaborative design tools, working on teams that include Master of Fine Arts in Emergent Media students based in Burlington, Vermont. During the residency in the U.S., students complete these online-initiated projects in person with Vermont-based teammates. These experiences will provide you and your fellow students an opportunity to form relationships, seek solutions, create production processes and achieve goals, all the while acquiring a new global vantage point.

You'll learn firsthand how to be successful at the individual and group dynamics underlying today's collaborative and often remote work settings. Our program's focus on building relationships is reflected in our faculty members, who are accessible, genuine and committed to your success. The professors' academic and professional credentials, along with our small class sizes, promote lively interactions.

Hear the stories of our MFA students to get their perspective of the learning environment for the Masters in Emergent Media. Meet our current Masters students.

Who Should Apply

The program was designed with a focus on educating Chinese national graduate students in emergent media, but non-Chinese national students are welcomed to apply. The curriculum is consistent with Champlain's global perspective, career focus, and experiential learning philosophy, which is valuable to all students, regardless of nationality.