Graduate Education & Human Studies Programs

Careers in the field of Education & Human Studies are always in demand, but the skills you gain from your education are what can set you apart from your competitors.

With Champlain College's Online Graduate Studies programs in the Division of Education & Human Studies, you can stay up to date on the necessary skills and approaches in your professional field while working full-time.

Graduate Programs in the Division of Education & Human Studies

  • Master of Education in Early Childhood Education takes a unique, project-based approach to learning, allowing you to work independently in your online courses while applying the content to your current position in the field of early childhood education.
  • Master of Science in Law can give you the legal knowledge and expertise needed to help distinguish yourself from your peers and open up career advancing opportunities while allowing you to keep your busy lifestyle.
  • Master of Science in Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies offers a number of opportunities to customize your education with specializations like organizations, community work, policy dialogues, environmental policy and family mediation.

Combined Undergraduate and Graduate Program

Don't forget about our combined undergraduate and graduate program in Law and Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies. Learn more.