Freeman Foundation Grant

Champlain students offered chance to spend their summer at internships in China. Fourteen Robert P. Stiller School of Business students traveled to Shanghai in the summer of 2013 for internships as part of a prestigious $100,000 grant from the Freeman Foundation. Some of the students' internships evolved into full-time jobs post-graduation.

"As a result of my internship I've been asked to come back after I graduate and work in Shanghai for the same company," said senior international business major Patrick Dodge, who interned at Iconx skate shop and Wild Rampage. Dodge conducted further research for the company during his senior international business capstone is contemplating taking the offer to return working full-time. 

The Freeman Foundation made this opportunity available to Champlain's Stiller School of Business for 10 students to intern in Shanghai in the summer of 2014. For the summer of 2015, Champlain's Stiller School of Business was the recipient of a $200,000 grant from the Freeman Foundation, allowing 25 students to complete  internships in Shanghai. 

This opportunity provided Champlain students a chance to gain international and professional experience.  "Being accepted into this program was a major achievement," said senior international business major Alaina Cellini, who interned at Shanghai Hippo Animation Company for 10 weeks in the summer of 2013. Cellini utilized her interests in supply chain sustainability, marketing and consulting in the internship at China's leading animation company. "My three months in China were some of the most life changing ones thus far," she continued. 

Freeman Foundation Grant Coverage

The grant provides a stipend towards normal expenses associated with a semester or summer internship in China. The grant covers room and board through The Education Abroad Network (TEAN); an internship placement fee; airfare to China; and students may budget for regional travel, food and other goods. Other expenses are out of pocket for students.

"We believe that we've built a successful internship model in China with the Freeman Foundation's generous grant and we're confident the 2015 program will provide incredibly successful and rewarding professional and personal experiences for the students," said Assistant Dean to the Stiller School of Business, Dr. Scott Baker. Baker believes this one-year grant was renewed "due to the incredible success of our programs in 2013 and 2014, which was implemented through extensive collaboration between the Stiller School, the Office of International Education, the Registrar's Office, and the Office of Advancement." 

Students in the 2015 cohort will also participate in a two-week intensive language and cultural immersion program in Shanghai, aiming to enhance cultural competence prior to starting their internships. Their eight-week internships will start following the immersion program. This year's internships will be with proven partners from last year's program who all expressed interest in hosting more Stiller School of Business students. TEAN and Champlain College match students to internships based off of SSB Associate Professor Tom Myers' experience and relationships with the companies built during his visit to Shanghai in July 2013, and their majors and areas of interest. TEAN will also provide in-country support to students and program administrators from the time students arrive in Shanghai. Champlain faculty will be traveling to Shanghai in May and July to check in on the students, connect with  internship supervisors and officials, and to help students upon their arrival and departure. 

2015 Stiller School of Business Students Cohort

  • Mariana Franzetti, Management of Creative Media, '16
  • Lauren Buniva, Marketing, '16
  • Liza Fowler, International Business, '16
  • Scott Hafner, Accounting, '16
  • Joshua Miller, Management of Creative Media, '16
  • Everett Ackerman, Marketing, '16
  • Justin Filippone, Management & Innovation, '17
  • Roland Garofalo, Management of Creative Media, '16
  • Caleb King, Management & Innovation, '16
  • Domingos Kumpessa, International Business, '15
  • Jacob Shapiro, International Business, '16
  • Sekou Keita, Accounting, '16
  • Savannah Simonds, Business Administration, '16
  • Callie Browning, International Business, '17
  • Grace Hubbard, International Business, '17
  • Emmalee Osborne, Psychology, '17
  • Wendy Pan, International Business, '17
  • Katherine Shuler, Business Administration, '17
  • Julian Lopez, International Business, '17
  • Seth Aubin, International Business, '17
  • Jeffrey Diehl, Accounting, '17
  • Cameron Rendall, Accounting, '17
  • Zento Slinger, Business Administration, '17
  • Kohlfield Davis, Accounting, '17
  • Gregory Johnson, Management & Innovation, '16