Advisory Board

The advisory board that helped develop Champlain's Master of Science in Digital Forensic Management program reflects remarkable depth and perspective in the field. Each board member is a stakeholder in the industry. The members are:

  • Dr. Eric Buel, former Director of the Vermont Forensics Laboratory.
  • Harlan Carvey, Chief Forensic Scientist at Applied Security, Inc.
  • Ryan Pittman, MFS, MSM, DFCP, CDFE, EnCE, Computer Crimes Division, NASA Office of Inspector General.
  • Jonathan Rajewski,, MS, CCE, EnCe, CISSP, CFE, Assistant Professor of Digital Forensics at Champlain College, former Forensic Analyst at Protiviti, Forensic Analyst at Vermont Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.
  • Jesse Varsalone, CISSP,  Defense Cyber Crime Center at the Department of Defense, author of books on security, forensics and incident response.
  • Michael Wilkinson, Program Director of Champlain's Master of Science in Digital Forensic Management program, ex-Forensic Analyst with the New South Wales, Australia, Police Force.

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