Burlington & Shanghai

Church St. Marketplace, Burlington

Burlington, Vermont

Cited as one of "America's Coolest College Towns" and "One of the 10 Great Places for Campus Culture" by USA Today Travel Guide, Burlington's distinctive character lands it in the top of many "best" lists.

Situated between Boston and Montreal, two of North America's most important cities when it comes to emergent media, Burlington is home to companies that specialize in the visual arts. It offers an unmatched quality of life and abundant opportunities for professional development and personal exploration.

In addition, both the state of Vermont and Champlain College have long fostered an entrepreneurial culture — a characteristic that is integral to this field. Burlington's educational resources provide the youthful and intellectual energy that makes it a vibrant, thriving "idea" community. The Burlington community boasts a high density of business leaders and speakers; entrepreneurs; local and national political figures; entertainers; poets; writers and artists; and more. Burlington itself has become a center for emergent media, with ample opportunities for creative collaboration.

EMC Touch Designer

 Maker Lab

Emergent Media Center in Burlington, Vermont

For the residency in the United States, you will be housed on Champlain College's beautiful campus and study at the Emergent Media Center. Here you'll work with teams of students, partnering with faculty, businesses and non-profits. The center is an incubator for the integration of state-of-the-art technology with communication, business, cultural awareness and innovation. Inside the center, you'll also find a maker lab-workshop dedicated to cross-disciplinary idea-sharing and the building of artistic and technical projects.

Faculty in Shanghai

Shanghai, China

The center of commerce and culture in Asia, Shanghai's location on the coast of the East China Sea, at the mouth of the Yangtze River, made it a crucial port city. Shanghai is still at the forefront of international commerce — as a beacon for technology, media, finance, fashion and many other growing sectors.

A thriving modern culture, mixed with ancient Asian history, gives Shanghai a vibrant atmosphere full of possibility and passion. Boasting an unparalleled quality of life for Chinese cities, Shanghai balances all the amenities of a cosmopolitan center with the connections and inspiration needed for professional growth.

Emergent media is an essential component of Shanghai's status as a global technology magnet, and the city is home to industry-leading software, media and game development firms; hosts international game and media conferences; and anchors renowned education centers for studying new technologies. At Champlain Shanghai, you'll find a classroom set within the most happening hub of entrepreneurial innovation in the world. If emergent media is your field of interest, there couldn't be a more exciting and opportunity-filled location than Shanghai.