The Shanghai based M.S. in Emergent Media program will require 30 credits for completion. It is a sub-set of courses from the M.F.A. in Emergent Media offered at our Burlington, VT campus. These courses were chosen to produce practitioners in technology. The degree focuses on collaborative production methodologies needed for emergent media and the critical and creative theories that underlie development.

In the MS in Emergent Media program you will acquire:

  • The artistic and technical skills needed for creating interactive, Internet-enabled media
  • Best practices in the collaborative processes required for becoming successful leaders of media production
  • Ability to integrate the social impacts of technological innovation and communication processes while designing innovative media solutions
Course #TitleCredits

First Semester - Fall (Study in Shanghai)

EMM 520 Foundations of Digital Image Making 3
EMM 530 Causes of Emergence: Programming Languages 3
EMM 540 Technology as a Disruptive Force 3
EMM 550 Human Interfaces 3

Second Semester - Spring (Study in Shanghai or Burlington, Vermont)

EMM 560 Digital Storytelling 3
EMM 570 Experience Design: Play and Participation 3
EMM 585 Media for Social Innovation 3

Third Semester - Summer (Residency in Burlington, Vermont)

EMM 600 Puzzles and Prototypes 3
EMM 591 Collaborative Production 6
Total Program Credits: 30