Mediation Workshop with Michael Lang J.D.

Join us for an extraordinary opportunity for professionals to spend the day with Michael Lang on a rare teaching visit.

Michael LangThis interactive day is the fundamental introduction to the theory and basic tools of reflective practice. Each participant will be invited to explore important reflective practice questions such as:

  • Do you know why you do the things you do, the choices you make?
  • Are you aware of how your values, beliefs and life experiences shape your understanding of and responses to your clients?
  • Is your practice consistent with the theories you use to guide your understanding of your professional context?
  • Are you using your experiences—both successes and failures—as learning opportunities?

Competent practitioners are skilled professionals with a solid foundation in knowledge and skills. However, achieving excellence in practice requires an additional element—the ability to use their beliefs, values and theories to shape their actions. Effective practitioners understand how these beliefs and values influence their perception of their clients’ needs and concerns. The result is the ability to guide practice decisions with purpose and clarity, the key to excellence in practice.

The workshop is for:

  • Mediators and other conflict engagement practitioners
  • Social workers
  • Therapists, Counselors, Psychiatrists/psychologists and other mental health professionals
  • Human Service providers

Date & Location

Wednesday, August 12 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Champlain College, Morgan Room in Aiken Hall


The cost of the event is $100 for non-students, $50 for students.

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About Michael Lang J.D.

Michael Lang is the 2012 recipient of the ACR John Haynes Distinguished Mediator award. He is co-author of “The Making of a Mediator: and is internationally recognized as a trainer and master of artful practice. In addition to his work as a mediator, Michael is an organizational consultant. He is a leading thinker and author on Reflective Practice. His workshops are highly sought after by those seeking to advance their practice to a new level of artistry.