Adi Bar-Lev
Adi Bar-Lev
Adjunct Faculty
Montreal Campus
Affiliated with Montreal Faculty

Adi is a software engineer veteran with over 15 years of industry experience in the fields of computer graphics, physics, game technology, simulation and robotics. He holds BSc and MSc with excellence in computer science from the Technion - the Israel Institute of Technology, and has published articles and patents in the field.

Adi is actively interested in advanced 3D graphics, special effects and lighting, fluid dynamics, soft bodies physics, AI and game technology. Among is recent roles are a senior 3D and physics developer at Ubisoft, game development lead at Gameloft and software architect and R&D manager at Immersion and at CAE Healthcare. For the past year Adi has been working as the software lead at Formlabs, developing a complete 3D pipeline and editor for 3D printing.