Denis Brault
Denis Brault
Adjunct Faculty
Montreal Campus
Affiliated with International Education, Montreal Campus

Denis has always believed in lifelong learning—through teaching! He started as a caddy master teaching teenagers to become expert caddies, then on to coaching hockey to young athletes, and finally moving on to teaching the fine skills of public speaking and debating to high school students. His learning through teaching has continued in a 30-year teaching career in French, punctuated by a 10-year period as a school administrator, where he was responsible for teaching and guiding young teachers. His teaching experience includes Latin, ancient Greek, Greek and Roman history and civilization at McGill, Concordia and Université du Québec à Montréal.

His learning experience has led him to a bachelor's and master's degree, and a master's in education degree from Loyola College, University of Cincinnati and McGill University, as well as teaching diplomas in TESL, TFSL, cooperative learning, reality therapy, history and English literature. Denis is still an active hockey player (another 30-year career!). He is a member of numerous professional associations, and enjoys reading historical biographies and watching PBS music specials. He continues to follow his second passion—hockey. He still plays in an old-timers' league (another 30-year career). He is married (a third 30-year career!), and has two daughters. One shares his passion for teaching and hockey, and the other is about to begin her own marriage career!