Courses & Application


Students must be full time and have completed 60 credits before beginning the semester abroad or summer program.
Students need to be in good academic standing and have a minimum GPA of 2.75, and a record of strong participation as a college and community citizen.

**If you are a Champlain College student applying for a program other than Champlain Abroad Montreal or Dublin, please contact the Office of International Education in order to receive the correct 3rd Party approval application.


The Champlain Abroad Application Process is designed to be a very straightforward, mostly online, process. Simply follow the links below:

**Please note that the Champlain Abroad Office operates on a rolling admission basis, therefore, we encourage students to submit their application sooner than later.

You Can Begin the Online Champlain Abroad Application Process Below:

    • To apply for Champlain Abroad Dublin please click here
    • To apply for Champlain Abroad Montreal please click here
    • You can access a Montreal or Dublin application you have started here
    • To apply for for a Global Partner Program, please follow this link
    • Remember, for 3rd Party Study Abroad or non-Champlain Programs, please set up a meeting with the Office of International Education to discuss the application process.

Montreal and Dublin Courses and Descriptions:


Deadlines for Applications:

  • For fall semester, summer, or academic year study abroad: March 15th
  • For spring semester: October 15th