International Internships

The Office of International Education and the Champlain Abroad program want their students to get the most out of their travels. That is why we have created numerous study abroad options, with a wide range of countries, types of programs and academic content.

Some of the programs on the approved list offer internships as part of an academic program of other course work. These are the only opportunities for combining an international internship with course work during the same study abroad semester. If you wish to arrange a "stand alone" international internship (without attending other courses at a local institution), please speak with your Dean about this process. You will be expected to provide an academic rationale for you proposal and how it fits into your academic program.

Internships and work opportunities in Montreal

Internships and working opportunities are available at the Champlain Abroad Montreal campus. Students who want to work or intern in Canada need to notify the  Office of International Education by April 1st for study abroad during the fall semester, and by November 1st for study abroad during the spring semester.  

In order to obtain eligibility for working/interning in Canada, students will apply for a SWAP Visa. SWAP Visas are required for students taking internships "for credit" in Montreal.  Champlain College will facilitate the application process.  A SWAP Visa allows students to work and live in Canada for up to 12 months. 

  • Students are required to pay up front fees associated with obtaining the SWAP Visa.
  • Reimbursements of the $350 SWAP fee will not happen until students are approved for an internship by their program director, and internship placements are confirmed.

Please note that all internships and employment opportunities are available on a case by case basis, and not guaranteed.  The earlier students begin inquiring about opportunities, the more likely they will receive a placement.