Eli Charest
Elie Charest
Affiliated with International Education, Montreal Campus

Though Elie Charest has been designing games for almost as long as he's been playing them, it was only 16 years ago he found out you could actually make a living from it. There's been quite a bit of gameplay since, from pen-and-paper RPGs (Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles) to license-based console games (Scooby-Doo, My Sims Racing, Rango), including a 10-year stint as level designer, lead game designer and creative director for Montreal-based A2M and its Chilean Studio Wanako.

Recently, Elie has been setting up his own independent studio,Miralupa, with two college friends. The new studio recently released its first title, Chromian Wars, an augmented reality tank battle game for the iPhone/iPad.