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Adam Clark
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Adam Clark comes from a small island off the West coast of Ireland called Inis Mor, the largest of the three Aran islands with a population of around 800 people. Adam is a big sports enthusiast, playing many different sports with gaelic football being his main and favorite sport which he still plays today. 

Adam graduated from Dundalk institute of Technology with BA honors degree in Community Sport Leadership (I think we mentioned he likes sports). This led him to become the Activity Coordinator at EF International Language School Dublin in 2010, where he organized and led activities for up to 700 students at peak. He then left the Great Green West for the Great White North in 2011 when he went to work for the Kaplan International College in Toronto as an Activities Coordinator where he developed the Activity Department for them and learned the differences of European and North American culture.... and still managed to find a gaelic football team there.

Adam has now returned to Ireland as the Activities Coordinator and Head Resident of our college. He still visits his home islands from time to time where his family live and his home football club play. Adam believes that people really come out of their shell when they're in a different country and surprisingly learn a lot about themselves in the process, which is amazing.

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