Sebastien Duval
Sebastien Duval
Affiliated with Montreal Faculty

Sébastien Duval has been programming ever since he could read. He learned his first programming language to make a video game and have learn a new one every year since then. He also spent way too much time writing mods for Doom, Quake and alike during his teenage years.

After graduating from University of Montréal with a Bachelor in Computer Science and Operational research, he worked for Nortel Networks before gladly finding his way back to gaming two years later. Having worked for various companies including Behavior Interactive, Xtranormal and Edgebee Studios, he recently jumped on the Indie Game Development train by starting his own game company: Rebelius Studio.

His main interests in the field are software engineering, programming languages and artificial intelligence. He is also an avid cyclist, a survivalist and a curious creature.