Nicolas Lewis
Nicolas Lewis
Adjunct Faculty
Montreal Campus
Affiliated with Montreal Faculty

Nicolas finished his Bachelor's in Computer Science at University of Montreal in January 2000.  Having done an internship at Nortel in his final year, he did a Master's Degree in Computer Vision, on computer assisted surgery.  In 2002 he was hired at EA Mobile, originally known as Jamdat.  He worked there as a Framework Developer for about five years.  There he assisted in creating many tools such as a C++ to Java compiler, a byte code optimizer (games had to fit in 64KB, including images and sounds) and even a ray tracer in Simple RISC assembler.  He then worked at Xtranormal in 2007. For the the last five years he has been working with Stingray Digital as a Project Manager/Lead Programmer.

Nicolas loves programming for the technical challenges it presents on a day- to-day basis.  It also allows him to express his creativity through design and development despite minimal "artistic talents".  It still amazes him how a piece of software can evolve from a simple idea into a complex system.  He hopes to be able to share some of this passion through teaching.