Global Studies

searchFacts on File
Current events and historical news database. Includes a live Reuters® newsfeed updated hourly, special "Top Stories" timelines with decade by decade listings linked to original coverage of top news stories back to October 1940. Original feature essays created for the online version, such as Country Profiles, Key People, Key Events, and Key Issues - plus primary documents, editorial cartoons, and a selection of newspaper editorials.

searchMango Languages
Mango is an online language-learning system that can help you learn languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Greek, Italian, Russian. and more.

searchMiddle Eastern and Central Asian Studies
Subject coverage includes: political affairs & law, international relations, economic affairs - business & industry, cultural heritage, arts & humanities, society & social welfare, ethnic diversity & anthropology, significant religious events & movements and recent history (1900 - present) & archaeology.

searchThe Political Risk Yearbook
Country reports on 106 countries with political and economic risk analysis for finding developing markets, determining currency movements, preparing for capital investments, or making judgments about corporate security.

searchPowerspeak Languages (InfoTrac)
Self-paced language instruction in Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German and English for Spanish Speakers. Additional languages will be available in 2011.

searchProQuest Asian Business and Reference
Find the latest business and financial news from the Eastern Hemisphere. Covers Asian business and financial information from key international publications including Far Eastern Economic Review, Asiaweek, and many more.

searchProQuest European Business
Find the latest European business and financial information. Includes quality resources such as The Economist, Fortune, European Business Journal, and many more.

searchWorld News Digest (Facts on File)
World News Digest brings together and enhances nearly seven decades of news. This archival record of domestic and international news is updated weekly. It covers all major political, social, and economic events since November 1940.

searchWorld History Collection (InfoTrac)
This collection provides well-rounded coverage of both the current thinking and events in World History, as well as scholarly work being established in the field. This compilation of over 40 journals provides robust and balanced coverage of this field, useful both to the novice historian as well as to the advanced academic researcher.