Legal & Paralegal

searchLegalTrac (InfoTrac)
Provides full-text coverage of major law reviews, legal newspapers, bar association journals and international legal journals offers law students, faculty and legal researchers the publications they need for their research and practicum. 

searchLexis-Nexis Academic Universe
Full-text News, Legal, Business, Medical and Reference Data Sources. For legal research, click the "Legal" tab at the upper left of the screen. For more information about using LexisNexis, scroll down to the "How do I..." and "Tutorials" links at the bottom left of the screen.

searchWestlaw Campus Research (Old Interface)
Westlaw Campus Research provides the fulltext to West's legal reporters (federal and state case law), statutes, administrative rulings, and legal coverage of the European Union. After opening the link, scroll to the bottom of the license, accept it, and click "Go." Then click the "Law" tab at the top of the screen after Campus Research opens. For more information about using WestLaw, click on the "Help (FAQs)" link at the upper right of the screen.

searchWestlaw Next Campus Research
Westlaw Next Campus Research provides cases, statutes, administrative rulings, as well as business and legal news coverage. Comprehensive source for legal and business research.