Computers, Technology & Printing


The library has 56 public computers throughout the library including the largest lab on campus located on the second floor.

Printing & Copying:

Printing in the library is free and defaults to double-sided. There is a photocopier on the first floor and the cost is 10 cents per copy.  


There is a scanner and instructions for use on the second floor. If you need help, the lab monitors at the desk can assist you.  

Laptops, Headphones, DVD Players:

The library lends laptops, headphones, portable DVD players, and a Mac presentation adapter for use within the library.  

LCD Presentation Screens:

Study rooms 303 and 304 are equipped with LCD screens which can be connected to your computer for collaborative work on group projects or presentations.  

TV, DVD and VHS:

There are three DVD/VHS viewing stations in the library. Two individual stations are on the south wall of the second floor and a group viewing station is in MIC 220.  


A computer on the second floor is equipped with Kurzweil 3000 text to speech software for users who require it.