A Degree Path as Unique as You

Earn up to 90 credits for what you already know before you even start your first course, then complete your final 30 credits in our online, 7-week sessions so that you can put your degree to work fast.

Your Unique ExperienceYour Unique Degree Plan
Talk to a completion consultant about how you can benefit from what you've already done and what you already know, including:The completion consultant will work with you to develop a degree path that can save you time and money through one or more of the following:
  • previous college courses
  • professional training
  • military training
  • other life experiences
  • apply prior college credits Transfer Credit for Prior College Work Transfer Credits are credits you transfer from a prior college experience (from another college, or even Champlain College). You must have a grade of C or better and the college must be a regionally accredited institution. The courses must also fit in the curriculum of the degree program you are pursuing at Champlain. What's This?
  • test outs (credit by exam) Test-out of Courses Test-Out or Credit by Exam allows you to complete the final project or final exam of a course. There is a non-refundable $150 fee per course for this option. You must receive a grade of C or better to earn credit for the course. What's This?

EXAMPLE 1: Transferring College Credits

John C., VP Forensics & Data Collection in Rochester, NY, graduated with a B.S. degree in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation in 2012.

Work and family commitments made it difficult for John to fit school into his busy life. John and his completion consultant re-evaluated his prior education and identified additional transfer credits, allowing John to graduate 6 months sooner and save thousands of dollars.

John Brought

75 transfer credits

Completion Consultant

Identified 9 more credits


John saved 6 months and thousands on tuition.

EXAMPLE 2: Earning Credits for Work Experience

PATHe Saves Michaelene Time and Money

Michaelene P., Software Engineerat GE Healthcare in South Burlington, VT had taken college-level courses but never pursued a degree.

Michaelene is now applying the knowledge gained through work experience toward a B.S. degree in Business Management and a professional certificate in Health Care Administration, saving both time and money by earning 36 of the required credits through Champlain's PLA and test-out options.

Michaelene Brought

41 existing credits toward her degree

Completion Consultant

Identified up to 36 credits through PLA and test-outs


Michaelene will save approx. $20,000

EXAMPLE 3: Earning Credits for Military Experience

Carlos S., Network Manager in the Arizona National Guard maintains nearly a 4.0 GPA in his Network Security studies in addition to a demanding job and busy family life.

Through a combination of credits transferred from National Guard Training and testing out of courses, Carlos is on pace to graduate 12 months ahead of schedule and to save at least $8,000.

Carlos Brought

18 years of military training and experience

Completion Consultant

Identified 53 transfer credits and 15 credits to test out of


Carlos will save 12 months and almost $8,000