Maggie Hunter
Adjunct Faculty
Division of Communication and Creative Media
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S.D. Ireland Family Center for Global Business and Technology

I grew up along the Mediterranean Sea where I learned many Arabic dialects, while my formal education was French.  During my early adult life I lived in South America where I learned Portuguese and Spanish. I have always used my multicultural background to introduce my students to modes of cultural learning and understanding that help them develop the knowledge and sensitivities needed for the enhancement of multicultural communications, and learn to appreciate the moral and aesthetic values of others.

My course material is carefully selected to prepare students with the knowledge and skills they will need to meet the ongoing challenge of living in a culturally and ethnically diverse society.  Through class discussions, lectures, video material and Adobe sessions, I help my students to recognize and engage the underlying assumptions that guide our thinking about race, ethnicity and multiculturalism.  I support and encourage my students to explore the arts, language, philosophy, historical, political, social, educational, economic and cultural developments that affect ethnic and racial minority communities at Champlain College, the United States and the world.

My postdoctoral project focuses on the role the new media plays in creating unrealistic beauty standards and fear of aging, especially by teenagers and young women who develop eating disorders and self-esteem issue, and women fifty plus who feel marginalized by such principles.  I have given many presentations about this issue on an academic level and to different communities in Vermont.

Areas of Expertise
  • Teaching in the twenty-first century using the new digital media.
  • Cultural heritage preservation using digital art: VT covered bridges (documentary).
  • Fear of aging and the unrealistic standards of beauty established by the cosmetic industry.
  • Artists as leaders for social change.
  • Art History in the digital age
  • Religion in the twenty-fist century global community.
  • Philosophy and postmodernism.
  • Creating community in the twenty-first century

Union Institute & University, Doctor of Philosophy
Champlain College, Associate in Science
Union Institute & University, Master of Arts
Champlain College, Bachelor of Science

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."
- John Dewey