Vincent Tran
Vincent Tran
Adjunct Faculty
Division of Continuing Professional Studies
Affiliated with CPS Web Design & Development
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Box 22
Miller Center at Lakeside Avenue Campus

My name is Vincent Tran, and I work as an IT consultant in Central Florida in Oracle technologies and ECommerce/EBusiness technologies. It isn't the sitting behind a computer for most of the day that excites me, but it's the creative aspect that sparks my interest. Developing really allows both sides of my brain to work with the other. I seek very challenging and difficult work to improve myself.

I have been a consultant for all my life (or so it feels that way) and love the travel and challenging new work. I greatly enjoy the high stress and difficulty in new and innovative projects. I am usually requested to join a company when there are strict deadlines or high end projects.

I also enjoy teaching, but due to my traveling, I am unable to teach in a classroom. Instead, I teach online and love it! I look forward to working with all of you online and getting to know all of you a little more before we get started.

Professional Experience

IT consulting for various companies.

Florida Atlantic University, Master of Science
Florida Atlantic University, Bachelor of Science
Personal Interest
  • Mobile application development
  • photography
  • web design
Areas of Expertise
  • web application design, architecture and development
  • database security and management