Cinse Bonino
Cinse Bonino
Affiliated with Division of Communication and Creative Media, Center for Instructional Practice

Cinse Bonino is an Associate Professor in Creativity and the Director of the Center for Instructional Practice. She has a Masters in Education with a concentration in the Psychology of Human Learning. Cinse also attended the Harvard Institute for Mind, Brain, and Education.

Cinse spends part of most days teaching students methods for increasing their creativity and how to be more cognizant of their own creative practices. The other parts of her workday involve helping faculty members to develop their teaching in engaging and effective ways.

Cinse has a recently graduated son she adores, two cats who keep her company, and a willingness to see life as a wonderful experience with a little pain and discomfort thrown in. Cinse also writes, reads an enormous amount, cooks, walks, sings, dances, and talks more than any three average speaking people. Most of all she's passionate about being authentic and helping others to be so too. Liars and phonies are not among her close friends. She's difficult to embarrass and easy to make smile. When she's not writing short stories, plays, or poems, she writes scholarly descriptions of creativity and learning.