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I began teaching at school in 1980 and have mostly instructed courses in Drawing and Art History since that time. I have also all the while remained interested, working in developing my own understanding of painting, having originally moved to Vermont to paint its landscape in 1972. I have lived in the town of Shelburne, not far from Champlain, with my wife and son and consider myself fortunate to be able to combine a life teaching with opportunity to devote a great deal of time as well, working at painting, out in a barn behind my house, also outside, in landscape abounding in beauty, around my home.

I have not been integrally involved in any of the particular programs at school but have instead mostly worked directly with students, in classroom teaching. It has been a great privilege to be a part of some of the learning that happens inside classes, encountering others (students) who are also interested, willing to inquire and explore what can be discovered, in art and in life.  Being a slow learner myself, I am in great sympathy with those who remain in the dark, uncertain of what they are doing, but are willing to continue attempts, gaining understanding of matters that remain mysterious. I value an individual's imagination, persistence in trying-out, seeing and questioning the workings of things as being gifts of creative ingenuity.