Jonathan Cummings
Adjunct Faculty
Division of Education and Human Studies
Affiliated with Division of Education & Human Studies

Jonathan Cummings has been a Research Assistant in the Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Vermont Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources since 2009. His research is focused on developing decision support tools and conducting decision analysis for wildlife management and spatial resource allocation. Jonathan is completing his PhD dissertation working closely with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. Jonathan recently helped design and develop Vermont's new wildlife database, used to store Vermont's wildlife data and speed data analysis and reporting. He also spent 3 years in British Columbia helping to analyze and improve the models used to determine the annual harvest in the Fraser River sockeye salmon fishery. 

Jonathan has participated in many structured decision making courses at the National Conservation Training Center and he recently adapted the 5-day Introduction to Structured Decision Making course offered through the National Conservation Training Center, converting it into a semester length course that he taught at the University of Vermont. He has worked closely with managers on decision approaches to New England Cottontail management, to developing sea-level rise adaptation strategies for San Francisco Bay salt marshes, and to update the double crested cormorant management plan.

Jonathan has a B.A in Biology and Environmental Studies from Oberlin College, an M.R.M. in Natural Resource Management from Simon Fraser University, and is a Ph.D. Candidate in Natural Resources at the University of Vermont.

Favorite Tree: Quaking Aspen

Most rewarding part of teaching:  The idea that with every person I teach we get closer to expanding an idea's sphere of influence, bringing it closer to the tipping point of universal use and acceptance.

Favorite part of living in Vermont: I actually live in New Hampshire at the moment, but I love the homey green feeling of New England forests and the rugged hills and mountains.


Oberlin College, Bachelor of Arts