Eric Friedman
Eric Friedman
Affiliated with Law

Since graduating from Vermont Law School in 2004, Professor Friedman has been active in law in various capacities - from attorney and consultant to legal editor and educator. A native South Floridian, Professor Friedman brings his unique blend of experience and sunny wit to his students. In 2011, he came to Champlain College to redesign and head the Legal Studies program. Professor Friedman created a fresh, modern, and cutting-edge curriculum that places Champlain at the very top of undergraduate legal studies programs. Outside of Champlain, Professor Friedman cherishes time spent with his beautiful family and dogs. In his spare time, he can be found reading, playing one of his many instruments, writing poetry, and recording music.

Teaching Interests
Research Interests
  • Food & Drug Regulation
  • Kosher Food Litigation