Ken Wade
Ken Wade
Affiliated with Division - Core

Ken Wade fancies himself to be an amateur actor who is just filling in as an Associate Professor in the excellent Core Division at Champlain College. (No, I'm just kidding. I actually have been teaching a variety of classes here at Champlain College for the last 23 years, and I hope to continue working until I collapse from sheer enthusiasm.) 

I began working for the IT Division in 1989, (when computers were powered by steam). We initially offered corporate training and computer seminars to businesses as a part of the Continuing Education Department based in Skiff Hall. How simple computer applications were in those days! The world has moved on. Fortunately, five years ago, I was allowed to join what may very well be, IMHO, the best division Champlain has to offer—the interdisciplinary, inquiry-based CORE, led by the wise and compassionate Dr. Elizabeth Beaulieu and staffed by some of the most amazing minds of our generation. Our division has evolved from our old slogan "We teach you to succeed" to a version of "We show you how to think critically and act responsibly as 21st-century life-long learners."

One of my favorite aspects of working here is that the College has sent me to teach/study in Israel, India, Turkey, Japan and most recently the Republic of Ireland. As a traveler and amateur linguist, I am grateful that Champlain has made my dreams come true.

Please drop by 209 Aiken Hall or write to if you would like to learn about the places I've been and the people I have annoyed.

I feel I owe most of my good fortune to my lovely wife of 43 years, Sue Wade, and our amazing globetrotting daughters Annemieke (Toronto), Penelope (Middlebury) and Vera Catherine (Matsuyama, Japan)