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What is Champlain's Integrated Education?

It is a four year journey beginning with a professionally focused curriculum (career dimension), combined with the general knowledge that makes you an educated, well rounded person (Core dimension), and finished off with the practical skills that help you learn how to make the most of your life outside the classroom (Life Experience & Action Dimension-LEAD).

What is LEAD?

LEAD is the third dimension of Champlain's Integrated Education, the required four-year Student Life program. In year one, LEAD focuses on engaged citizenship.  Years two, three and four address lifelong career management and financial sophistication.

Who designed LEAD?

Many groups on campus helped develop LEAD:  students, alumni, recent college graduates, faculty and staff.

If I am a commuting or transfer student, do I have to take LEAD?

If you are a traditional student enrolled in the Core sequence you are also enrolled in the LEAD requirement sequence. Your Core level determines what your requirements are for LEAD.

If I live on campus Year One and then become a commuting student, will I still need to participate in LEAD?

Yes. When you decided to attend Champlain, you signed on to Champlain's Integrated Education. If you are enrolled in Core classes, you must complete the LEAD requirements even if you move off campus.  All traditional students participate in the LEAD program, whether they are residential or have an off-campus apartment.

Who is in charge of LEAD?

LEAD is a Student Life program that is run by Student Life Professionals as well as a large group of trained Peer Advisors (PA's). In your first year you will be assigned to a specific PA; PA's will help answer any questions you have about LEAD while also assisting in your transition to college. PA's facilitate many of the LEAD activities and also help students in whatever way they can.

I see LEAD courses on my schedule. Are they classes?

LEAD workshops and activities are required just like your classes; however, unlike your academic classes, the specific times that your activities will take place will vary depending on your year in the LEAD sequence.  Check with your PA about what your current requirements are and opportunities to fulfill those requirements. LEAD requirements are noted on your schedule as follows:

  • LEAD 101-01 (Complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator on line by August 9)
  • LEAD 102-01 (Engaged Citizen Requirement)
    • Although you are encouraged to complete this requirement during your first semester, you have until registration during the spring semester (typically the 9th week) to meet this requirement.

Will I have to buy books for LEAD?

No. Any required reading will be provided for you. LEAD activities are all hands-on. You may be required to write reflections or discuss an activity in order to get credit for your participation.

How will I find the time to participate in LEAD in addition to all my other responsibilities during the first year?

LEAD requirements can be met in as few as three to four hours a semester. We bring much of the program right to your doorstep, with programs and activities run on campus weekly. Of course there are many extra options for those students who want to get more involved.

What is I don't fulfill my LEAD requirements?

You won't be allowed to register for classes the following semester. Additionally if you are late for registration, there is a late fee charged to your account, so you will definitely want to complete your requirements in a timely fashion.

WHAT will I get out of LEAD?

LEAD offers you the practical skills to complement your learning in the Core and program dimensions. As one student said, "The program is about the 2 C's and the 2 M's-career and citizenship, me and money."

WHY  do I have to participate in LEAD?

At Champlain, we believe that valuable learning experiences take place both inside and outside of the classroom. That is the reason we've developed Champlain's Integrated Education. Life skills in citizenship, finance and lifelong career management are vital to a productive, 21st century life. While at most colleges and universities, students are left to develop these skills on their own, here at Champlain we do not leave this skill development to chance.

Because of the feedback we received from many sources, especially students and recent college graduates, we feel confident that LEAD is just the thing to give you a jump start as you begin your career and life after college. Although participation is required, most of LEAD offers you many choices as to how you decide to complete your requirements.

HOW will I learn the skills I need in LEAD?

Through programs, activities and lots of hands-on experiences, you'll practice developing the social, financial, leadership and career skills that will help you create a meaningful personal and professional life.

How do I become a LEAD Peer Advisor?

Nominations are taken by students, staff and faculty on campus, and students are welcome to apply in January when we start marketing the position. Look for flyers on campus or a letter of invitation to apply in the mail.

Where can I find more information about LEAD?

Contact Jennifer Sweeney at jsweeney@champlain.edu or (802) 383-6608.

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