Professional Training Program for Business Administration Majors

Complete Career Readiness

To enter the professional workplace successfully, students need experience and confidence in a whole realm of skills not traditionally taught in higher education-areas like:

  • social and professional business skills
  • etiquette
  • team building
  • time management
  • understanding office politics
  • learning to read corporate culture and respond appropriately

To prepare Robert P. Stiller School of Business students to enter an internship as early as the summer after their first year at Champlain, we created our year-long Professional Training Program, which is modeled on the corporate management training programs of Fortune 500 companies.

Created in a collaborative effort between faculty, the Champlain Office of Career Services and the LEAD program, the Professional Training Program starts on day one during Champlain Orientation, in which students participate in a two-day Robert P. Stiller School Business Orientation experience that includes a day doing ropes course activities as a team-building exercise with fellow Business students.

Professional Readiness for Internships

Throughout the fall of their first year, students work to discover their passions and personal strengths, and how to leverage them in the world of business.

In the spring semester, the Professional Training Program focuses on getting students ready to complete internships by building their resumes and learning how to "package" themselves to make a confident impression in an interview and in other social and corporate business settings.

By the end of the program, you will emerge as a savvy, polished professional who knows how to communicate appropriately and professionally in common business situations and environments, giving you a tremendous advantage over your job-seeking peers from other institutions.