Human Resources Management Specialization

An Optional Specialization for Business Administration Majors

Learn the best practices of finding and keeping an organization's most important assets: its employees. Through the Human Resource Management specialization, you will gain an understanding of the role of "human capital" and how modern HR policies and practices can help build a sustainable organization.

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts job growth in the Human Resource field will be "much faster than the average" between now and 2018. Career paths include HR management and specialist positions in areas such as recruiting, training, benefits administration, labor relations and employee counseling.

In the Human Resource Management specialization for Business Administration majors, you will:

  • Examine the opportunities and problems involved in managing human dynamics in organizations.
  • Learn to identify and overcome possible sources of conflict in interpersonal, group, and organizational contexts.
  • Study the management of human resources with an emphasis on recruiting and hiring.
  • Discuss the use of performance appraisals; employee benefits programs; employee and employer rights; unions, and labor relations and collective bargaining.


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