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Why Communication?

In a widely reposted article by Terence Loose, originally featured  on Yahoo Education, entitled "Degrees Employers Hate and Love," a Bachelor's in Communication emerged as the #2 "Most Loved Degree."

A Bachelor of  Science degree in Communication is one prized by employers because these graduates typically have had a well-rounded educational experience with a focus on excellence in all aspects of written and oral communication. Communication degrees translate into job opportunities in every industry.

Why Communication at Champlain?

Thanks to our Upside-Down Curriculum, you'll be taking classes like Public Speaking, Media & Society, Audio and Video Production,  Visual & Digital Communication, among others during your first year at Champlain.

As a Communication major at Champlain, you won't be spending tons of time alone in the library studying a bunch of communication theories that have been around since the Dark Ages. Instead, you'll be exploring new media tools and working with the latest communication technology available. You'll be learning business skills applying them to classroom and real-client communication problems.

The Communication major at Champlain allows you to

  • explore a wide range of media topics to find what best suits your interests
  • tailor the program to your passions (such as social media or writing or broadcast focus)
  • work with real-clients to solve actual communication challenges
  • engage in an environment of collaboration and innovation with fellow students, professors and community members

Champlain Communication Graduates Are Ready. 

The fastest growing major at Champlain, Communication boasts graduates who are carving out unique professional territory in areas such as nonprofit communications, social media management, human resources, public relations, advertising, public service, television, broadcasting and radio.

This is also a great program if you are considering going straight to graduate school. In addition to the extensive career-focused programs and support offered College-wide, the Communication program focuses on helping students become completely market ready.  Highlights include:

  • Taught exclusively by experts who have extensive experience and ongoing affiliations with their respective industries, the Communication program at Champlain is the premier destination in the country for those who want a forward-thinking, contemporary communication education that will translate into job success.
  • You will acquire invaluable production-oriented skills like scripting, video shooting and advanced audio and video editing.
  • Every student completes a well-balanced portfolio of sample work including work you've produced for real clients.
  • Focus on practical workplace application and learn by doing through multiple internships and hands-on projects created for a wide variety of real-world clients that prepare you to be an accomplished and effective communicator for the rest of your life.
  • Multiple internship opportunities help you explore and put the finishing touches on an integrated set of skills that will help you launch a successful career.
  • Build an amazing portfolio. Your senior Communication capstone experience will allow you to tie your career-centered Champlain education to your internship to create a distinctive reflection of your knowledge, experience and talent.

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