Journalism Specialization

An Optional Specialization for Communication Majors

Champlain College's Journalism specialization teaches students how to become knowledgeable and multifaceted journalists in a variety of media: print, online, digital and broadcast.

Matched with a Communication degree, the Journalism specialization gives students a highly specialized skill set that will provide a distinctive advantage in the job market.

  • Learn the fundamental skills of journalism, including proper interview techniques, meeting deadlines, and researching in the three primary types of narrative form: news, features and news-features.

  • Take advantage of the digital age to incorporate audio and visuals in your writing for webcasts and podcasts.

  • Learn the difference between a blog and a news blog, and the role social media plays in the field.

  • Learn professional codes of conduct, artistic and social responsibility, and the issues surrounding privacy, freedom of expression and public interest.

  • Run both of the student newspapers, complete with a student editorial board, with a goal of publishing online bi-weekly and distributing monthly print papers.

  • Courses toward the end of the specialization sequence will have a specific emphasis on the creative and intellectual approach to journalism.


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