Publishing Specialization

A Focused Area of Study for Communication Majors

Publishing is in need of new ideas and new media skills. If you are interested in pairing your Communication degree with an optional specialization in Publishing, you can further enhance your learning and skill sets, and build a portfolio that can jumpstart your career into the publishing industry.

The Publishing specialization is set up around the WRT 346: Publishing in the 21st Century course, a project-based class that offers real-world experience in working with clients on publishing projects that may include traditional books, ebooks and website, and may involve editing, design, illustration, marketing, social media and event planning.

  • Learn professionalism by managing time, adhering to deadlines and communicating with clients appropriately and effectively
  • Gain an understanding of the book production process, its sequence and schedules
  • Learn how to conceive a publishing strategy that incorporates appropriate current technologies
  • Learn to identify various audience segments, and show evidence of being able to adapt to those audiences
  • Gain a hands-on experience working with clients in the community on publishing projects and campaigns from both for-profit and non-profit organizations
  • Gain a working knowledge of a variety of communication technologies (audio, video and web-based)

Courses in this Specialization Currently Include:

Choose two of the following courses that are within your area of study:

Choose one of the following courses outside of your area of study: