Computer Science

The important computer skills and understanding you develop through the Computer Science specialization in the Computer & Digital Forensics major at Champlain College will give you a tremendous advantage in the marketplace when you begin your job search. For example, through our 12-credit specialization you'll gain the programming background needed to write your own codes, scripts and programs for automated analysis, helping employers streamline their digital forensics processes.

Through the Computer Science specialization, you will:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of programming—a significant element in the collection and process of digital forensics.
  • Receive an introduction to basic and advanced programming methods, and learn some of the most important concepts of mathematics that are necessary for the software engineer.
  • Have the deeper understanding of Computer Science that employers are looking for in their computer and digital forensics teams.
  • Upon completion of this specialization, you will be able to create a computer program to automate digital forensics processes that are typically handled manually.