Economic Crime Investigation

An Optional Specialization for
Computer & Digital Forensics Majors

Economic crimes vary greatly in scope, from identity theft and money laundering to institutional financial fraud.

Students taking the Economic Crime Investigation specialization as part of the Computer & Digital Forensics major will have a highly defined and marketable skill that will differentiate their resumes.

 If you follow the Economic Crime Investigation specialization, you will: 

  • be able to evaluate business processes, identify risks and recommend mitigation strategies; explore the impact of transactions on the financial position and profitability of a business; and analyze financial reports.
  • learn rules of evidence as they relate to several different fraudulent activities, including illegal activities such as wagering, money laundering, cash skimming and embezzlement. In order to properly identify, preserve, analyze and present digital evidence related to an economic crime, students will be challenged with a rigorous specialization focused on business courses.
  • be able to effectively maneuver the corporate and criminal investigations focused on economic crimes.
  • be able to draft a fraud prevention strategy applicable to the management of a business.


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