Mobile Application Development

An Optional Specialization for Computer Science & Innovation Majors

As the world gets smaller, so have the devices by which we procure our information. Mobile application have enabled us all to have a world of information at our fingertips wherever we go, and although a new field, the world of mobile is becoming increasingly more critical.

In this 12-credit specialization, students will complement their computer science education with an in-depth skill set, including building and programming effective mobile apps, learning the constraints and usability functions of mobile devices, and exploring the current methods to create successful client/server mobile solutions.

Students in the Mobile Application Development  specialization will:

  • gain a foundational understanding of the current field of mobile computing
  • complete hands-on experience with current mobile platforms, which will provide students a strong insight into what it means to develop mobile application software
  • evaluate the role that mobile systems play in the ever-changing technology field
  • compare and contrast various technologies involved in mobile communication, including encryptions and networking
  • understand mobile concepts to design and develop new and innovative applications for current and future mobile devices

Students will take courses related to Android Development, iOS Development, Human-Computer Interaction, and Programming for the Internet of Things.