Creative Media

Do you want to be creatively fearless? Do you dream about pushing the boundaries of art and communication? At Champlain, you will find the ideal environment in which to cultivate your creative vision and develop your talents as an artist.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Creative Media allows you to deepen your passion for multiple artistic forms of expression as you develop your unique voice. All students in the program choose a primary focus area and two complementary areas from among six professionally-focused artistic disciplines:

Integrated into the curriculum is a practical, career-minded focus that will help you turn your passion into a satisfying profession. In this distinctive program, you will:

  • Explore the iterative nature of creative work by evaluating, deconstructing and revising your work in innovative Studio Workshops and Salon Seminars
  • Learn how to critique your work and that of your peers, and grow confident in your sense of self-expression
  • Study the theoretical underpinnings of art in the Western and global traditions, and engage in creative discussions about the arts
  • Explore the possibilities of digital forms and modes of expression while using state-of-the-art technology
  • Create a portfolio of personal works that include performances, public art events, drawings, films, musical compositions, poetry, blogs, sculptures and art installations

Our emphasis on entrepreneurship and curatorial practices will ground you in the business of interdisciplinary artistic endeavors and help you become a more confident artist practitioner, able to express your creative voice and personal vision.

Mix Classroom Theory with Production Experience

  • Take at least five courses relevant to your profession in the Creative Media curriculum  in your first year at Champlain, thanks to our Upside-Down Curriculum.
  • Learn from experts who have extensive experience and ongoing affiliations with their respective artistic communities.
  • Spend a semester studying abroad anywhere in the world.
  • Build a highly marketable resume and portfolio through our Creative Media portfolio sequence that will help you stand out in this highly competitive field.
  • Gain branding, entrepreneurship and curatorial practices that ground you in the business of interdisciplinary artistic endeavor. Learn about the core competencies you will obtain in the Creative Media major.
  • Become a part in determining the way the future views media; envision your career success.
  • Find out what you need to know to apply to this popular major.