Creative Media Career Success

Why Creative Media?

Cultural shifts in the marketplace have created the broadest professional spectrum of opportunities for artists than at any point in history, and there's a high premium put on those artists who can truly bring something "new" to the table.

Why Creative Media at Champlain?

The degree of success for professional artists enjoy will continue to hinge upon having a skill set that is adaptable and flexible enough to meet the market's relentless demand for innovation.

Champlain's Creative Media fills the need for a program that allows art students to creatively explore at the same time they prepare themselves to viably apply their talents and skills to the marketplace.

The Creative Media major is an excellent program if you are considering going on to an MFA program.

Champlain Creative Media BFA Graduates Are Ready. 

In addition to the extensive career-focused support offered college-wide, the Creative Media BFA features learning opportunities that help students create highly marketable resumes and portfolios.

Highlights include:

  • This major is very conscious of branding, entrepreneurship and curatorial practices, grounding you in the business of interdisciplinary artistic endeavor. You will graduate from this program as a confident, articulate person, able to express your process, your artistic voice and your personal brand.

  • In Studio Workshops, you'll build your portfolio, learn how to critique your work and that of your peers, and grow confident in your sense of self-expression. You graduate with a portfolio of work that demonstrates your technical proficiency, conceptual integrity and creative vision; you'll be ready to interview with prospective employers or apply to an MFA program.

  • In Salon Seminars—course experiences that most students don't have until the MFA (Master of Fine Arts) level—you'll study the theoretical underpinnings of art in the Western and global traditions and engage in creative discussions about the arts.

  • Coursework gives you amazing opportunities to explore the possibilities of digital electronic forms using state-of-the-art technology, as well as traditional art media.

  • All students document a portfolio of work—including performances, public art events, drawing, poetry, blogs, sculpture, art installations—and post to individual online portfolio sites, which will give you an outstanding platform from which to launch your post-college career.

  • Taught exclusively by experts who have extensive experience and ongoing affiliations with their respective artistic communities, the Creative Media BFA at Champlain distinguishes itself from other fine art programs in the country with its cross-disciplinary focus, its deliberate emphasis on the business aspect of artistic endeavor, and its fostering of courageous innovation.

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