Interaction Design Specialization

An Optional Specialization for Creative Media Majors

Creative Media majors eager to explore the potential of our relationships with computer systems and how the field could evolve may be interested in following the Interaction Design specialization as either a primary or secondary focus area. While learning about creative ways to approach technology, you'll be introduced to the sensory side of interfaces-sounds, images, how pages move-with a focus on interactivity as a design element.

  • Examine our interactions with computer systems, study the design of easy-to-learn interfaces, and conceptualize and build websites, responsive media installations, audio-processing applications and other projects.
  • Expand your viewpoint with an interdisciplinary approach through courses that draw from a range of fields: human-computer interaction, graphic design, new-media art, architecture, media studies and interactive design.
  • Learn to skillfully manipulate our experience of the digital world.
  • Position yourself to be successful in a future that promises to be more and more driven by digital technology.

Courses in this specialization currently include:

Interaction Design I
(IXD 100)

Interaction Design II
(IXD 200)

Interaction Design Production
(IXD 310)

Physical Computing
(IXD 320)

Social Interaction in the Digital Age
(COM 360)

Additional courses:

Making Art
(CRE 100)

Salon 1
(CRE 200)

Portfolio 1
(CRE 250)

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