21st Century Problems Specialization

An Optional Specialization for Criminal Justice Majors

Each advancement in technological innovation produces a new, subversive opportunity for cyber-criminals to strike vulnerable networks. It is crucial that tomorrow's forensics professionals stay one step ahead.

A specialization in 21st Century Problems will allow Criminal Justice majors to examine trends in modern crime as they exist and to predict how illegal activity will evolve. The highest demand in the workforce will be for criminal justice professionals who are the most well-trained in the constantly shifting methods of digital crime. A specialization in 21st Century Problems will develop this highly-specialized skill set.

  • Understand the significance of digital evidence in every case submitted for prosecution.
  • Examine the proper management of digital evidence.
  • Learn, and apply, legal principles that govern how vital digital evidence is recovered to ensure that it will be legally admissible in court.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of modern crimes such as:
    • Internet/network crime
    • Auction fraud
    • Email scams and phishing
    • Identity theft


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