Vermont Police Academy Course


If you are interested in becoming a police officer in Vermont, you can take the Vermont Police Academy class, CRJ-495, during your senior year. This class has been developed in cooperation with the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council (VCJTC), the state agency responsible for certifying individuals to be police officers in the state of Vermont.  The class entails attending the Vermont Police Academy, a 15-week training program established by the VCJTC to certify police officers.

In order to attend the Academy, a Champlain student must:

  • Pass the Entrance Testing
  • Pass the Physical Fitness Test
  • Pass the MMPI (psychological test)
  • Pass a polygraph test
  • Undergo a background check
  • Complete an Oral Interview Panel at the Academy

If you are accepted into and successfully complete the Academy, you'll earn 15 Champlain credits and receive your certification as a full-time police officer in Vermont.  In addition, once you are a certified police officer in Vermont and want to move to another state, depending on that state's requirements, you may be eligible for reciprocity with that state and have parts of that state's certification examination waived.  

For further information regarding the VCJTC and the Vermont Police Academy Certification and Training Program, go to: or contact Phil Cykon, Champlain College Criminal Justice Program Director,, 802-865-5595.