Early Childhood / Elementary Teacher Education Major

Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education

Champlain College's Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education program creates a very distinctive advantage for its graduates. Because you'll graduate with dual endorsement, you'll have a fuller understanding of children's developmental and learning stages from birth through early adolescence.

Additionally, from your first semester, Champlain's Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Bachelor of Science in Education program will give you an unprecedented amount of time working in actual early childhood and elementary school classrooms.

This holistic approach to teacher education, which seamlessly integrates theory with practice, gives our graduates a deeper set of educational tools and methods from which to draw.

  • Build community: small class-sizes allow you to create strong personal relationships with your professors and other education majors.
  • Experience a broad spectrum of teaching environments: Vermont offers a diverse number of educational settings, including rural, small-town and urban.
  • Actively engage in your learning: apply what you learn as you learn it.
  • Deepen your understanding of diverse cultures: work with English Language Learners (ELL), study and teach abroad, take advantage of service learning opportunities.
  • Get recommended for licensure: A Vermont State teacher's license is recognized by 47 other states.

Follow Your Teaching Passion

Faculty Visits Dublin Campus

Kathy Leo-Nyquist Visits Dublin

A note from Kathy Leo-Nyquist: My Visit to the Dublin Campus

Hello all. I had the good fortune of visiting the Dublin campus in late September. We have ten Education students at the campus this fall, so it was very timely for me to go this semester.  It was wonderful meeting the Dublin faculty and staff and to see the classrooms and spaces where our students study. The highlight of my trip was spending the day with one of our Dublin faculty, Darren Kelly, who teaches the EHS course, Community Advocacy and Inquiry in Dublin, through which our students have the incredible opportunity to work one full day in a Dublin school or social service agency. Visiting five different school sites was an eye-opener for me and I was gratified to see that our students are truly getting a  life changing  through another culture experience.  Many thanks to Stephen Robinson and Lilly Johnsson for welcoming me and Cinse Bonino to the campus!

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