Champlain College Environmental Policy students at the state capitol, Montpelier, Vermont.

These days, most people will express concern about the environment, but there are only a handful of people who will devote their lives to making sure it's protected. Worried about climate changes? Water issues? Fracking?

One of the only degree programs of its kind in the country, the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy program gives you the knowledge and skills to join the growing group of environmental professionals who are making policy decisions about these and other complex issues and multi-dimensional problems that affect the world we live in.

Take advantage of the unique learning opportunity offered by being located in Vermont, one of the most environmentally progressive states in the country, and at Champlain College—which has won numerous awards for being on the leading edge of sound environmental practices in higher education. In fact, through Environmental Policy student leadership, Champlain earned designation as a Fair Trade Campus in 2014. Students also have the opportunity to explore field-based learning through Champlain's community garden and the apiary on campus.

Unlike a typical program in environmental studies, the Environmental Policy major is focused less on theoretical aspects and more on the action-oriented practicalities of what you can do to envision bold solutions and change things for the better. Recent service learning projects have included exploring the possibility of Champlain becoming a conflict-free mineral campus, green investing and raising awareness about water quality for the Lake Champlain Basin Program.

This major will give you concrete, hands-on tools—and experience applying them—that will set you apart when it comes to market your degree to a potential employer. This major zeros in on:

  • Human behaviors
  • Practical approaches to promoting change
  • Policies, politics and practices
  • Systems thinking
  • Initiatives and innovations surrounding environmental issues
  • American & international lawmaking
  • Environmental scientific research & innovation

Learning Beyond The Walls of the Classroom

  • Thanks to our Upside-Down Curriculum, in your first year at Champlain, you'll be taking a number of courses from the Environmental Policy curriculum, including Environmental Issues and Environmental Earth Sciences.
  • In addition to being outstanding educators, our Environmental Policy faculty are professionals in the environmental sectors in which they teach, bringing real-world experience and cutting-edge concepts into the classroom. 
  • Build a highly marketable resume by taking on one of the many challenging Environmental Policy internships.
  • Study Abroad is built right into the program so you can spend a semester studying at our one of our campuses in Montreal, Dublin, or another exciting destination through out third-party programs.
  • Future decisions about the management of resources and waste will be deliberated with great consideration for both their immediate and long-term effects on the planet, and that means enormous demand for skilled experts able to develop sound environmental policy; envision your Career Success.
  • Find out what you need to know to Apply to this popular major.