Career Success

Why Filmmaking?

There is a new generation of filmmakers who are freeing themselves from previous constraints, politics and policies that dictated traditional movie making. Democratized production, distribution methods and the convergence of global media networks mean there have never been more opportunities to find an audience for quality filmmaking.

Why Filmmaking at Champlain?

At Champlain, you'll be a part of the new generation through practice with cutting-edge technology and editing programs. You'll be exposed to every career possibility in the industry, from screenwriting and cinematography to documentary filmmaking and digital cinema distribution. In addition, students in the Filmmaking program have the opportunity to showcase their work at various film festivals.

Champlain Filmmaking Graduates Are Ready.

In addition to the extensive career-focused programs and support offered College-wide, the Champlain Filmmaking (BFA) program  features learning opportunities and programs that help our students create highly marketable resumes.

Highlights include:

  • Many of the Filmmaking (BFA) majors have worked on professional film projects while they are still students.
  • All members of the Filmmaking faculty are professionals in their field, which is an essential factor in our students getting the most cutting-edge education in the field possible.
  • Filmmaking majors have an opportunity to showcase their films at the Vermont International Film Festival's Student Filmmakers Showcase and at Champlain College's Film Festival.
  • Filmmaking majors have wonderful internship opportunities from Montreal, Canada to Los Angeles, California, in which they gain extensive hands-on training.