Sonic Arts Specialization

An Optional Specialization for Filmmaking

A film would be nothing without sound effects and music. From recording live in a sound studio to editing techniques, having knowledge of the sonic arts will only increase your marketability post-graduation.

As a Filmmaking major, the Sonic Arts specialization will take you through basic music creation and sound design, and then lead you into the specifics of scoring to picture, so you can create original music, written specifically for your films. This highly specialized skill set will distinguish you from other candidates as you break into the film industry.

  • Learn the fundamentals of music and how to create it on the computer using digital tools. Hands-on sound production courses will introduce you to audio techniques, covering the basics of writing, producing and engineering productions for audio production.
  • Gain a solid understanding of digital audio recording and editing techniques for persuasion, information and entertainment, as well as the experience you need to be proficient in technical aspects of sound and music production, such as signal flows, mixing, mastering, compression, asset management and online delivery.
  • Learn the exciting process of creating music for film: first, you'll learn the history of music in film and the production process, and then you'll dive into the actual process of writing cues for film, including spotting, syncing to picture, understanding visual sequences and dramatic intent.
  • Write cues for a variety of visual sequences in different tempos and moods.
  • Create a proposal for and complete an advanced film score-you can even choose to have your final score recorded in a live studio with live musicians.


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