As part of the generation that changed how and where we view films, you can take a role in determining the future of the industry. If you are passionate about telling stories visually, the BFA in Filmmaking is specifically tailored to the next generation of filmmakers. This program will prepare you in best practices by providing you access to cutting-edge equipment and by developing your creative and technical skills.

You'll learn to express your unique voice as a filmmaker and to manage the resources required for independent film production. By being exposed to a variety of filmmaking styles, exploring different production roles and acquiring a solid foundation in film history, aesthetics and criticism along with the business side of film, you'll develop your technical skills while creating your own signature style.

Upside-Down Curriculum

Through our Upside-Down Curriculum, you'll take relevant courses in your major, including Audio Production, Screenwriting and Introduction to Filmmaking in your first year at Champlain. This gives you the tremendous advantage of gaining hands-on experience in your major from the start. As you explore different production roles, including director, cinematographer, sound designer and editor, you will gain exposure to a variety of filmmaking styles, including narrative fiction, documentary, animation and experimental. You will also acquire a solid foundation in film history, aesthetics and criticism, while learning the vital business aspects of the filmmaking profession, such as budgeting, funding and marketing. This remarkable combination of conceptual engagement, technical skills, artistic experimentation and business training will help you polish your own signature style and prepare you for a variety of creative opportunities in the industry.

Cutting-Edge Technology & Media Services

You'll use the latest technology, including our computer labs, soundstage and studios. Take advantage of our Media Services selection of professional shooting and editing gear. 


Summer internships in nearby Montreal, Canada, as well as New York City and other locations provide you with industry experience to build a solid resume. Recent internship locations include Rome Snowboards, First Scout Productions, Imagine Entertainment and Stept Productions. See where our students have interned. 

Participate in Film Festivals

Every year, Filmmaking students participate in the student showcase of the Vermont International Film Festival, and exhibit their films during the Champlain College Film Festival. 

Sonic Arts Specialization

As a Filmmaking major, you can specialize your degree in the sonic arts, where you'll learn sound and music production techniques, including signal flow,mixing, mastering, compression and online delivery. Explore the Sonic Arts Specialization. 

Freelancing & BYOBiz

Many of our Filmmaking graduates launch their careers by becoming freelance filmmakers. Champlain's Build Your Own Business (BYOBiz®) program and business workshops equip students to succeed in their freelance ventures. You will learn about the freelance world of filmmaking and interact with Champlain graduates already working in the industry in Los Angeles and New York.

Stowe Story Labs Fellowship

The CCM Division will sponsor one junior or senior student whose faculty-endorsed application is selected by Stowe Story Labs to take part in the 2015 Labs. The selected fellow will have the opportunity to participate in evening film screenings, panel discussions, informal cocktail receptions, workshops and interviews with industry professionals. See how you can apply. 

Montreal Filmmaking Summer Program

In this four-week Urban Indie Filmmaking course, you will write, produce, shoot and edit a film in collaborative groups of three or four students. Working within narrative fiction, documentary or music video genres, you will acquire the necessary skills in the cinematic arts to confidently begin your career as an indie filmmaker. Learn more about the Montreal Filmmaking Summer Program.