Game Art & Animation

What does it take for an artist to succeed in the gaming industry? How can you translate your artistic talent into the textures, models, animations and backgrounds of the video games that millions of people play every day?

Success in the visual design and art production of the game industry begins with a passion for extending your art through technology. Now in its eleventh year, the Bachelor of Science degree program in Game Art & Animation was among the first in the country, and Champlain remains among the top institutions for studying game development.

Students enrolled in the Game Art & Animation program will develop their game art portfolios and start putting their 2D and 3D art assets in game engines. You'll be exposed to the creative, technical and production processes as early as the end of your first year at Champlain. Most schools with a game development program teach you a little bit of everything—game art, design and programming— but our rigorous curriculum has a real focus on the creation of game art and animation, including a grounding of traditional media and visual design, 2D and 3D graphics, animation, digital sculpting, concept art and user interface design.

Two primary factors allow people to land the most highly prized jobs in the game industry: the right education and a strong portfolio. Champlain's program delivers both.

  • Work side by side with other game artists, designers, programmers and producers to create games in the Game Studio—an environment that replicates how the game industry operates.
  • Learn the soft skills and discipline it takes to be a productive creator in the game industry, while developing extensive game art and animation skills.
  • Build a top-notch Game Art & Animation portfolio, website and demo reel.

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Master Game Art & Animation

  • Thanks to our Upside-Down Curriculum, you start great Game Art & Animation classes in your first year, like Anatomy & Perspective Drawing, Game Art Fundamentals and Introduction to Game Art & Animation, where you'll about learn the professional tools of the game industry. See the full Game Art & Animation curriculum.
  • The Game Art & Animation faculty, who all have extensive credentials working in the game industry, will teach you the technical and creative expertise you need stand out in this highly competitive field.
  • Present your finished games at the Annual Game Development Senior Show, attended by recruiters from companies such as Ubisoft, Gameloft Montreal, Gameloft New York, Dreamkind, Hit Point Studios, Turbine, Behaviour (Montreal) and Gamepub.
  • Take a semester abroad. Opportunities are built right into the program to spend a semester studying in Montreal, Canada, the second-largest game development center in North America. Take Game Art & Animation classes from faculty who are actively working in the industry.
  • You are part of the generation that changed how (and where!) we view media, now start determining its future. Envision your Career Success at Champlain.
  • Find out what you need to know to apply to this popular major.